Motd map outline

Building a zombie apocalypse survival map & mobile game.

Motd grenade Back in 2012 I made a Google Maps mashup in my free time that showed locations to help survive the zombie apocalypse and called it Map of the Dead. When it unexpectedly went viral, I teamed up with an iOS developer and a graphic novel artist to design and build a mobile RPG.

Motd screen small
Motd screen medium
Motd screen large
Motd screen expanded
Motd smg

The game used Foursquare and Mapbox to show real locations near the player. Inside they could scavenge for supplies to survive: weapons for fighting, food to restore health, and armor for protection.

Motd items Motd beer Motd bat Motd jacket

When the player encountered zombies, they could choose what path to take and the results were determined by their gear. The zombies and weapons were illustrated by the talented Brian Flint.

Motd fight 1
Motd fight 2

Over the lifetime of the game it had over 85k players and 3.7M places visited. While the game is no longer available you can still find the map at mapofthedead.com.

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